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XPAT Trademark

In addition to traditional property rights such as patents and utility models, the brands and trademarks have found their way into the XPAT product family. With the help of the already known "XPAT Grabber Technology" it has become possible to automate the surveillance of brands and own brands. The tool informes about new publications or the expiry of brands. Also XPAT Trademark obtaines evidence that own brands are registered elsewhere from a third party. Contradictions can be formulated and collected in time.

XPAT Trademark screenshot hitlist

XPAT Trademark is fully supported by the mechanisms of XPATSDI with creating of automated search profiles for a regular proper loading of such relevant documents. XPAT Trademark also works together with XPAT File (XPAT Akte). There is the document type "trademark".

  • XML exchange formats at your fingertips
  • Supported by XPAT FIle (XPAT Akte)
  • Supported by XPATSDI
  • Searching at US Trademark Office (TM)
  • Searching at ROMARIN (TM)
  • Searching at TM View (TM)
  • Searching at DPMA Register (TM)