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XPAT Data KHPS with Questel Interface

XPAT can use now another data source: KHPS (KRAMER & HOFMANN Patent Servive) on basis of the Questel Online Database. In an increasingly interdependent and globalized world, the IP documents from Asian countries are becoming increasingly important. For this reason it is important that XPAT users are able to search the full text in English even in in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, German, Russian, French etc. documents.

But also international acting companies will achieve great benefits with the use of KHPS because besides the Asian languages even German, French, Brazilian full texts are available in English. This is for users who do not speak German, French or Portugese a great advantage. Even if the machine translations can not be compared with an official translation, they help the searcher to understand the relevant documents much better. Only in the case of a legal action you will need to officially translate a controversial document.

A further advantage is the fact that the user no longer has to look only on the classification code when investigating, but with KHPS the user can search for English terms. This inevitably leads to a dramatic reduction in the number of summary documents. Alone this gaining of time will return the investment in the costs of the data flat rate. An overview of the current data coverage will be sent to you on your request

  • Availablity of fulltexts
  • English Machine Translations CN, JP, KR, TW, TH, DE, BR, FR, ES, RU, DK, SE
  • Flat rate (250.000 documents a year)
  • Bulk Downloads
  • Grabber Technology
  • No limit per search result or download like depatisnet or espacenet
  • Speed advantages