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We solve your problem

Our applications are used across industries, mainly in the fields of information / documentation, Research and Development as well as in the fields of patent documentation / monitoring and management of literature information.

In addition to our standard XPAT products we offer different solutions in the form of individual applications for almost all areas. Talk to us. You'll be amazed at how affordable custom solutions can be.

Due to our more than 25 years of experience in dealing with databases and projects, we also are in many industries contact for programming work to create special applications. Mostly information systems for management tasks.

Why us as a partner?

  • > 25 years of professional experience
  • In industry approved software solutions
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Well known references
  • Fair and transparent prices
  • Professional technologies
  • Joy at work
  • Perfection grows up out of the effort you take to solve a problem

Professional Team

We have no classic separation of functions in supporting the XPAT product family. Everyone must be able to support XPAT to help the customers in case of problems. We also do not separate after sales, support or development.

Customer support

We are care about our customers. They are most important to us. Whether on the phone, remotely or locally.

You do not have to wait for long!

Whether new development or failure analysis: Quickness is not witchcraft. Nothing is more motivation for us than a problem. So problems will be resolved in a timely manner. Fewer meetings for rapid and clear results.

Key performances

Development, data transformation, training, support and supervision


Newly developed databases as web based - solution

Data transformation

You want to analyze data and as convert to XML form? No problem. Works with all data that is structured, machine-readable and unencrypted.

Legacy data

For this data once much money was spent. We do nothing else than to protect your former INVESTMENT.

Building archives

We will support you and ensure that your data is accessible anywhere there where you want it.


We have partners who also make patent searches for you. If you need help please contact us.

Construction encrypted databases

It is a good idea to protect your data against access from data hackers.

Our approach

It all starts with the interview. Here, it is the key data of a project by consensus lashed and bring each other to the "same subject" to. It is important that you deal with each other openly and transparently.


Find thinking and solutions

Once we understand your concern and know what needs to come out at the end of this, we will create an implementation plan. We do not ask you how we should solve something, but we'll ask what the solution should bring you.


A plan is not all but a good part of it

Once we have a solution to the problem, we make a plan of how the solution can be implemented optimally. Then we can give you a price and put things on the way.


Programing and internal tests

This is where we implement the phase of our plans. Certainly plans are caught now and then from the reality but on the whole you can work efficiently and purposefully with a neat plan.

Testing and acceptance

Testing brings practicality.

Only the customer knows what he needs. The prototype will be tested together. In dialogue, we work out the final touches. Advantage is that you can test everything in advance and as a customer with helping to wring the product the maximum benefit.

Are you also interested in working with us? Give us a call:
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We communicate openly and find for you and us out quickly whether we can advance the project together.